List of seas of TOH2 seas.

For map with all seas on one pictur, please see link: MAP

There are 3 categories of seas in the game.

1. Real life seas that does exist. I have searched on wikipedia and on other sites to apply correct faunas of real life enemies to make the seas so realistic as possible. Marked on the map wirth a red [X]

2. Fictional seas made from my own head. The fauna of enemies can be quite unlogic (Like sweet/salt water enemies in the same sea) sometimes. This seas shall be quite original and fun to play. Marked with a purple [X]

3. Secret seas. This kind of seas can only be avaible by unlocking stuff. This seas are a huge challenge but if/when (;D hehe) you suceed with them you will be greatley awarded. Marked with a golden [X]

1. Heres the 4 basic seas. You can choose them in any order you like. When you completed them all you unlock more seas.

More Seas:

2. Fictional Seas

3. Secret Seas

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